Embryo manipulation, power-assisted reproduction, radical compartment research and...murder.

In A Family Way is James Calder's tertiary standalone transcript in the Bill Damen series, mysteries set in opposition the unique set of heritable technology. In this up-to-the-minute novel, feminine partner Clementine Pirez joins movie maker Bill Damen totting up optimist stiffness to the earlier tense yarn procession.

What led James Calder to use embryo manipulation in a mystery?

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"This, to me, is one of the utmost entrancing aspects of the new subject field. We're plainly attractive the energy of construction into our own custody. With the substance bomb, we gained the influence of waste and tragedy (the final transcript in the Christian Bible). The government of discovery (the first-year story of the Bible) is possibly much more full. The aptitude to work embryos raises a query that any early parent will brainstorm challenging: how far are you of a mind to go to elasticity your youngster apposite strength and outstanding talents? And what is the terms of incoming into that bargain? Parents have ever loved to urging their children, and the new profession gives them unexampled pressure to do so. I read various versions of Faust for this book, as well as of flight path Goethe's, and nearly new the Faust message as a nice of coil for my chronicle."

As familial practical application is a key topic in Calder's novels, investigating is key.
What does his research involve?

"I started out by reading the books on the topic (including books by Lee Silver, Gina Kolata, Gregory Stock, and Francis Fukuyama) to get a grounding in the parcel. Then I read articles on the web, any of them impartially technical, roughly speaking recent developments. Finally, once I material that I had plenty practice roughly speaking the paddock that I could confer going on for it in a middling quick way, I contacted scientists who are doing the species of investigation I'm interested in and picked their instigator for knowledge and concept roughly the aspects of the bailiwick that were to show up in the tale. One embryologist at the University of California-San Francisco was peculiarly positive. Together we figured out the embryo-engineering book that finally appeared in the photograph album."

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Will Bill get his man (or female)? Will Bill receive a transport on his new spousal equivalent Clem? More importantly, will Clem get her own series?

James Calder confided "I could noticeably see Clem having a progression of her own."

James Calder is the novelist of the Bill Damen series, mysteries set antagonistic the environment of transmissible application.
His books are addressable at
He can be contacted at

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