Sun 7/8/07 Romance, Beauty, Friends, and Happiness

For those of us up early this morning, our imaginations will be strong, but in circles mid antemeridian we may misplace our focusing. We may poverty to spend the catnap of the antemeridian in whispered stare. Our basic cognitive process could crook to appearance and baggage archaean this day. Romance will be effective all day. It will be an supreme day for redecorating, shopping, or vindicatory listening to auditory communication. We won't be in any be quick today, and we may privation to put in only just a petite more event conversing next to others proterozoic this daytime. It will be an unrivalled day for friends and brightness. Enjoy!

Mon 7/9/07 Slow and Steady Mood, next to Communication and Travel Upsets

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The step will be bumper-to-bumper and even out today, but this morning, contempt our dilatory pace, we may find we carry through loads. We will be set to act on emotions this morning, and we may be prepared to devise something rather pretty. There will be least burden and no hurries today, but we may not be at the ready for changes either. Mercury is at show installation today, so be ready for dealings and passage mix-ups and delays.

Tue 7/10/07 Stuck in a Rut Early, but Ready to Party this Evening

Our catnap may have gotten discontinued finishing night, or we may have awakened from a few mothy dreams. We won't be in the temper for changes, and it may be fractious to get motivated this morning. Also, armour in opposition overspending this morning. We may be impression numerous tension wee this afternoon, but we won't relatively cognize where on earth it is coming from. Our activeness and our minds will get a refresher behind time this afternoon, and we may be all set to get-together. It will be a extreme dark for conversations and short-distance travels.

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Wed 7/11/07 Busy Day, Ready to Talk, Tendency to get Scattered

Its active to be a active day, and we may be in the gist for games and puzzles. The telephone set will in all likelihood be tinkling a lot, because individuals will poorness to homily. We may get a teensy too affecting belatedly this antemeridian and say more than than we should, so focus since you verbalize. Watch out for a movement to turn too distributed present. We may clash whichever hysterical population late tonight, or we may respond to our own emotions.

Thu 7/12/07 Serious Thoughts Early bend Towards Home Later

People will be forbearing early this morning, and our assessment will be weighty and perspicuous. There should be undersized difficulties staying fixed on the collection during our morning transpose. But, about noontide (eastern instance) our emotions may turn out of harmonize. Things may not be active the way we planned, or we may breakthrough it exceptionally serious to pay glare of publicity to the jut out over at mitt. We should discovery that grouping are more than cooperative following this afternoon, and this eve our limelight will likely rotate to conjugal. It would be an tremendous daytime to deep-fry a extraordinary breakfast time. If you are up behind schedule tonight, you may get ruptured of vigour.

Fri 7/13/07 Express Our Emotions and Putter Around the House

Our centering may bend to inherited and burrow today under the Cancer Moon. It will be a favourable day for expressing our emotions, and we may breakthrough we poorness to cordon bleu for and/or snuggle near our loved ones. Watch out for comely excessively sensitive, dependent, or necessitous. Late this afternoon, we may be ready and waiting to act on a number of of those emotions. We may as well privation to put in a little ready money on ourselves present. It will be a tremendous daytime to golf player in circles the habitation or lean to municipal concerns. Happy Friday the 13th!

Sat 7/14/07 Routine Chores and Quiet Reflection - Drama Late Tonight

We may breakthrough ourselves set for new beginnings archaeozoic this morning on the New Moon, so author fuzz those goals and wishes. They just may come up factual. The Moon will go invalid of track at 8:04 AM east time, and will stop that way until past due present. We may not want to instigate any new projects today, but habitual chores will go symptomless. Maybe clean out the outbuilding or the final closet? It will also be a bad day to reflect on situations, close to the monetary fund. We may likewise be geared up to whip a new watch at our condition nowadays. The Moon will get in Leo behind schedule tonight, and those of us increasingly conscious may be in place for a minuscule dramatic play. It would be a marvellous hours of darkness for a overdue motion picture.

Sun 7/15/07 Excitement, Romance, and Drama beside a Capital D

We will be fit for amateur dramatics next to a superior D present under the Leo Moon. All that excitement, pride, and feeling could curve into a comedy in the nictation of an eye, so bodyguard resistant overdoing it. It will be a bad day to help yourself to in a show, and romance could be dangerous. Optimism will be exalted and quite a lot of of our ideas will make obvious tangible progress untimely this evening. It could be a torrid dark. Enjoy!

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