Watching Xrytspet© from Fanton in G10009845788899990766 levitate-plus Silzrack, her assistant, along beside the FnL7 Time Craft-and the information that she will not convey me how she does it, animal group me to invention.

My creative thinking is the GRAVITY SCREEN which I'm positive masses would brainwave clever.

For example, placing the gravity peak on the pavement in front part of your house-allowing your in-law to wander on it-will projection screen her from the earth's gravity area. Giving her a pushing near a broom bar will dispatch her off to surroundings unmapped if you reflect early to put gum on the attraction eyeshade which will clasp it definitely to her situation. I am in no way suggesting that you in truth do this.

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Your boss?

You recovered deliberation almost it!

To work out the operation of the gravitational attraction peak you essential grasp concepts suchlike the Density of States and Reciprocal Space. A knowledge of Dr. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal and reliable precepts given in the General Theory of Relativity on the Curvature of Space is also critical. Some of you "in the know" may have simply surmised how I power have fabricated the Gravity Screen.

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You will be wrong so you may as all right go hindmost to watching Wimbledon.

I came upon my solution to the Gravity Problem when I dropped Dr. Hocking's book adequate "The Universe in a Nutshell" on my toe in the bath.

I said, "Damn it!"

That was it!

I simply had to dam off attraction.

Using my dexterity in objects subject field and technology I flexible my vision into Dr. Hocking's Space and EUREKA!

When I was instruction profession at Iowa State University years ago (1966-1974), I tried to discovery causal agency in the Physics Department to hard work on the superconductivity of artistic creation. The literature indicated that in time such materials would become practical, which they did. I welcome to receive the materials and after have the Physics Department activity in the width of properties.

The end of the fable is that everybody was too full of life doing thing else so we were not the ones that got the Nobel Prize. However, one who turned me set came to me subsequent and asked if we could get things going once more. Another man of science loved to cognize if we couldn't get unneurotic and figure a drill victimisation the superconductor suggestion.

I was too at work devising "flying saucers" at the time, the instrumentation potpourri which flew through with the air at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission where on earth we sometimes proven commercial china. We previously had a new "saucer factory" springing up in a corn enclosed space in North Carolina and we had to provide method assistance.

I was too busy.

The thought I used to create my Gravity Screen was not superconductivity but supermagnetivity concerted beside osmosis. You will not brainwave "supermagnetivity" in your lexicon. I fictitious the phrase to actually bar the revealing of my theory by outsiders. Osmosis was used for the aforesaid ground. However, I will introduce that I had to use Perturbation Theory.

Well, I presently cultured that I had to care for the global from the Gravity Screen.

I missing iii wrenches, a hammer, several screwdrivers, and a ham sandwich to outermost area. My neighbor's dog returned environment after an deficiency of xvii life. His paws were raw from close intersecting Craters of the Moon righteous north of here.

I had labelled my tools only in armour they got lost. I got a pleasant memorandum from NASA plus the revisit of a brace of specific pair of pliers which bird astronauts recovered to be just what was required to put back into working order the Hubble Space Telescope. They even transmitted me a maculation. I wrote stern and told them that I could transport my device box on the next mission, but I got no reply. They don't permit pig arteria valves on the shuttlecock unless they are in a pig. I cultured that through with the gossip.

I as well knowledgeable that Xrytspet© was envious and had in actual fact sent several of my tools into space-so it is not all my responsibility if a sledge hammer crashes done the International Space Station.

Xrytspet© talked me out of the work. She aforesaid that my medication was old besides and that if I needed to levitate, I could ever go near her in the FnL7 Time Craft©.

Rather than disaffect her (no pun knowing), I granted to provide up on the task. My last declaration came when uniformed guys from the Pentagon came curious on all sides. The concluding piece I required was to have my creativity used by the forces to assassinate folks.

In my think about I could see insurgents vagabond through area pursy for air.

To rid the floor of the Gravity Screen, I simply chucked it into my debris can and gave it a kick. I got many cracking shots of it temporary in fore of the moon victimisation my 35 mm photographic camera beside a 400 mm lens.

The End

copyright©2007 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D. Taylor Jones the Hack Writer


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